14 Sep

Sorry I haven’t been around here much! I guess I just haven’t had much to blog about. It’s been all diet rabbit-y food around here. But on the bright side, I’m actually losing weight *cheer*. I’m almost to my second weight goal (2 lbs away!), and then one more goal after that. I’m happy to say that all of my Charlie-pregnancy weight is gone, and almost all of my Emma-pregnancy weight is gone! But for now I’m living off yogurt, oatmeal, chicken, veggies, and fruit. It’s not very fun, and I really miss baking, but I can’t wait to finally get back into shape! Once I hit my final weight loss goal, I promise I’ll start doing more baking (and hopefully not gain it all back? haha). I really hope I don’t miss all the great fall baking, but I know I’ll be back for Christmas! So hang in there, check back in every few weeks, and see if I’ve got anything new. Who knows, maybe an occasion will come up where I need to find a fabulous new recipe to try out? I hope to be back soon!

I also wanted to blog about an awesome new product I discovered! Did you know that Coffeemate came out with sugar free creamers? I had no idea! I’ve been looking around at different options, trying to water down my coffee with fat free creamer and then add in flavors, but none of it tasted very good. And the fat free creamers aren’t really that low in calories, usually about 25-30 calories per tablespoon (and I usually use about 3!) But I just discovered the vanilla caramel sugar-free creamer, and it only has 15 calories! Which basically means I can have my 3 tablespoons of creamer in my coffee and only use up 45 of my day’s calories! And when you’re calorie counting, that’s awesome! I hate wasting some of my precious calories on something that has no substance at all, and I really can’t do without my coffee!

Oh, and another thing, I love breastfeeding! Because I’m nursing Charlie (he 7 months and still 99% BF) I’m burning an extra 500 calories. If I wanted to lose weight this rapidly and I wasn’t breastfeeding, I would have to eat about 1200-1300 calories a day, which is barely anything! But because of this awesome milk making super power I’ve got, I can eat 1700-1800 a day and feel full, but still lose about 2 lbs. a week.



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