S’mores Mix

17 Aug

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What’s better in the summer than s’mores? Why limit yourself to being around a campfire to eat them? I made this tasty s’mores treat that can be enjoyed any time! And the best part is that it’s NOT messy!

Mini marshmallows (I used micro-mini marshmallows)
Hershey’s milk chocolate chips (or chocolate bar chopped into chunks)
Honey Graham Crackers

I tried making this a few times. It turns out marshmallows don’t stay intact very well if you broil them. They turn into a gooey mess. Which is great for some recipes! But not this one. In the end, the blow torch was the way to go.

Toast the marshmallows with a blow torch until they’re the desired result. I like mine nice and black, but decided not to char them too badly for this project (but if it was going on a s’more, it would have been TORCHED). Let the marshmallows cool and set them aside.
Break your graham crackers into bite size pieces. If you want a really nice presentation, cut the graham crackers into little squares. (If you do it this way, you can make cute little MINI s’mores!)
Mix equal parts chocolate chips, graham cracker chunks, and mini marshmallows. Toss to combine.
I think this would be a fun treat for a hiking trip, camping trip, or even a summer barbeque! And really, who can resist s’mores? It’s sure to be a hit!



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