Pin it!

1 Aug

Do you have a Pinterest account? You should! Pinterest is a “digital pin board”. Confused? It’s not hard at all! Basically, instead of saving a website to your favorites or bookmarks, you “pin” it on Pinterest. See an awesome recipe? Pin it! Or maybe a great DIY project? PIN IT! You can make different “boards” (categories), such as DIY, food, style, decorating ideas, party ideas, ect. Example: if you’re throwing a baby shower, and are looking for ideas, you can pin all of the ideas you see to your “baby shower” pin board. When you pin something, it posts the picture to your board, and when you click on the picture, it will take you to the website you got it from!

The main things I pin are food items, so instead of just having a “food” category, I now have “cake”, “cooking”, “drinks”, “sweets”, and “frozen treats”.  Here’s a screen shot of my different boards that I have.

This is a screen shot of my “cake” category. If I’m in the mood to bake a cake, or need a decorating idea for a cake I’m making, I can just browse through all of the cakes I’ve ever pinned.

When you log into your account and go to the main page, it will show you all of the things your friends have pinned. And when you register, you can link your Facebook account, and it will automatically show you which of your friends are on Pinterest!

You can either browse through things that other people have pinned (which is a GREAT way to get ideas!), or pin original items you see online. Pinterest will show you how to add a “Pin it” button to your toolbar in internet Explorer or Firefox.

Which leads me to my next point. I just now added a “pin it” button under the main picture on each of my posts! So if you’re checking out my blog, and like one of my recipes, you can “pin it” to your pin board! I love how easy Pinterest makes it!

Feel free to “follow” me on Pinterest! (button’s on the side bar)

If you’d like an invite to Pinterest, e-mail me at All I need is your e-mail address. Happy pinning!


One Response to “Pin it!”

  1. sarahmitroff August 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Cool site! This kind of reminds me of SpringPad, only a little different. I really like its interface; really clean and visually pleasing.


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